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Svarog from 3850 UAH!!!!!
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Heating furnace "SVAROG 00-05" Is the highly effective heating device and it can be applied to heating of rooms up to 250 m3., works in two modes of long burning and ignition. Has various modification on power depending on the necessary volume of the heated room from SVAROG 00 to Svarog...
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Potbelly stove!!! Only 1950,00 UAH!!!!!
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The Potbelly Stove House-keeper-1 00 furnace is intended for obogrevap rooms up to 130 cbm. The furnace works both in the mode of intensive burning, and in the mode of long burning, the loading door of the furnace contains the gate of adjustment of burning in the mode of long burning. Call and we...
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1950 UAH


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