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Hydro, steam, and moisture insulating materials

Subroofing films
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Under roofing films Subroofing films (them still sometimes call membranes), along with application in creation of roofing, wall and floor designs of a heater from vspenenenny polyethylene, give an integrated approach to reliable protection of any house. The subroofing membrane is winds, moisture...
Group: Roofing films
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Membranes Membranes do not allow penetration into a layer of a heater of vapors subject to an adverse effect of moisture. Membranes interfere with hit in thermal insulation as water vapor from kitchen, a bathtub and the pool, and external rainfall.
Group: Waterproofing membraneы
Films are roofing
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Films Roofing films provide tightness, protect and protect roof designs from moisture penetration. Also roofing films provide a condensate exit from a heater outside, guarantee optimum temperature moisture conditions in rooms and building constructions, also carrying out functions of thermal...
Group: Roofing films


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