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Hangars on the basis of a metalwork from Roanto's company
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550 UAH
The Roanto company offers the services in design and production of arch polygonal and pryamostenny hangars, boxes, warehouses, production rooms, shops, granaries and vegetable storehouses, administrative and sports constructions on the basis of a metalwork. Unlike other companies, we offer not...
Group: Hangars
Beskarkasny and frame hangars at reasonable prices, on a turn-key basis.
In stock
We make turnkey hangars of any types, for obtaining detailed information you call 068 721-18-12, the prices and conditions after filling with the customer of the questionnaire. Negotiated prices. Very acceptable.
Group: Hangars
The hangars fast-buil
In stock
200 UAH(20 USD)
The hangars fast-built at reasonable prices, any configuration and turnkey types.
Group: Hangars


Unbelievable price on Hangars in Kiev (Ukraine) company Roanto, PP. Wide choice of quality products at affordable prices.